Our Vision 

We are building a world where local organizations and communities advocate for their needs and local resources are mobilized to accelerate local initiatives.

Our Team

We are a community of passionate community advocates. We did not start out to become a large NGO, as we treasure our freedom more than anything. We do not want to fit anyone’s box, but rather be flexible and responsive to communities and their needs.


Founder Director 


Philanthropy Lead 


Diaspora Engagement 

  1. Birungi Jackline (Finance Associate)
  2. Oliver Mirembe (Field Associate)
  3. Charles Isiiko (Board Member)
  4. Takuwa Joan (Board Member)
  5. Bright Mugabe (Corporate Engagement)

We are a Uganda based social enterprise with passion for African led philanthropy and ensuring that grassroots Organizations have the space and tools they need to succeed. We see our work more of demand driven than supply oriented. We strongly believe in the power of local bred solutions .